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ALL41 Records

The only label you need.

Music Promotion Service on YouTube
Due to our Partner The District, we have a direct submission portal to the most successful music curators and tastemakers on YouTube. All of our releases will be sent out to many curators who may have interest in uploading your song to their channel. This can lead to gain people who discover your music from all around the world
ALL41 Records is an independent music label based in Switzerland, founded in 2020 and partnered with INgrooves Music Group and The District.
ALL41 Records was created to deliver music to listeners all around the world - no matter the genre, language or culture.
ALL41 Records offers music distribution on all streaming platforms, marketing and promoting your release. ALL41 Records protects and monetizes your music from unauthorized online use with Content ID, if desired.
Get your Music on Geometry Dash
We are scouted and whitelisted on Newgrounds and Geometry Dash, the most popular music platform video game. All of our releases will be included in the game for others to build or play a level including your song. This can lead to other people loving your song and discovering more of you.
You feel like contacting us in another way?
We are always looking for great collaborations. Message us and let's make something together!